We are an early stage venture firm looking to invest in entrepreneurs who make a significant impact on people's lives


Israel focus fund


Early stage investments



Disruptive Health & Enterprise

Israel is the world’s second largest technology hub after Silicon Valley with more technology companies traded on NASDAQ than any other country other than the US



Over 1,000 new Startups are launched in Israel every year; 100's of companies with revenue of $10-$50M


All major technology giants are present in Israel and are expanding their technology and innovation centers

Our Mission is to touch the lives of the entrepreneurs that we work with and the lives of those worldwide who will benefit from their innovative products and services


Hands-on Strategy

Having successfully built, sold and taken companies public , we get involved in our portfolio companies and help them build and grow their company.


Experienced investors, transparent processes and strong advisory consist of both veteran VCs and corporate executives; we are set to make our portfolio successful. 

Global Network

Leveraging our long history of working relationships with global enterprises, we are able to help our portfolio companies launch into new markets, reach new customers, hire local executives and build valuable partnerships world wide.

Silicon Valley Advantage

As long time residents of Silicon Valley/US we tap local resources to help our portfolio: Top talent executives, US VCs as co-investors and leading corporates as partners.