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Yair Brosch
Amir Lahat and Manor Zemer
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Donisi, is a global company at the forefront of in-home health monitoring. Their patented AI-based system detects multiple cardiopulmonary health bio-indicators. Donisi is the only company whose contact-free technology can detect signs of pulmonary congestion, key for heart failure prevention. Donisi’s unique contact-free nano-vibration motion detection technology enables identification of multiple (9) cardiac and pulmonary parameters simultaneously. Ongoing monitoring in the home allows for trend identification and analysis, resulting in deeper insights and early detection of cardiopulmonary health changes, empowering data-driven decision making, and higher quality of care. Donisi developed the only contact-free, clinically validated device for cardiac and respiratory assessment.

We were initially interested in working with Olive Tree because of their creative & hands on approach. Over the years, Alejandro, Amir, Mayer & Henry have been strong professional partners, actively invested in helping us progress. We have developed close relationships and enjoy brainstorming with them.

Asher Polani, Co-Founder