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Yair Brosch
Amir Lahat and Manor Zemer
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CU-BX leads the industry in driver fatigue, stress, and health detection. Their suite of market-leading sensing solutions for driver well-being and in-cabin environmental comfort applications includes real-time measurements and trend analysis. CU-BX technology is designed to integrate with Tier 1 and OEMs needs, can be combined with driver monitoring systems (DMS), and has been validated by key OEMs and Tier 1s. Their innovative technology has won multiple international awards. Most recently, we won First Place for technological ingenuity at Plug & Play Japan and Sompo Digital Lab's "Auto-Shiyori" Challenge. CU-BX patented contact-free sensing platforms and sophisticated algorithms detect and analyze nano-vibrations resulting from the movement of internal organs (e.g. heart and breathing motions) to monitor and track key physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate, inter-beat intervals and more. The image sensor captures only motion-related data. Motion data not associated with the primary outputs of the sensor (i.e. heart and breathing motions) are omitted by underlying algorithm filters. CU-BX technology maintains accuracy in a multitude of environments and conditions and operates both as a standalone device or when embedded into partner technologies. Developed for extremely high-level accuracy standards when compared to gold-standard medical devices, CU-BX ongoing driver monitoring maintains full functioning within a myriad of environments such as all road & lighting conditions, above ground and in tunnels, and is agnostic to skin color, perspiration, and layers of clothing (including sunglasses, hats, etc.).

We were initially interested in working with Olive Tree because of their creative & hands on approach. Over the years, Alejandro, Amir, Mayer & Henry have been strong professional partners, actively invested in helping us progress. We have developed close relationships and enjoy brainstorming with them.

Asher Polani, Co-Founder